UPDATE: As of JULY 19, 2021 I will be fully vaccinated and will be welcoming students back into my home studio as well as opening up availability for in-home lessons as well with COVID guidelines enforced.

University of Toronto Recording Session
Photo Credit: Nathan Riddell

Adult Violin student 2021-present

Crystal is everything I was looking for in a violin instructor: patient, knowledgeable, funny, encouraging and particular about the skills I need to progress. She is incredibly talented and pushes you to be better than you ever thought possible.

– Shannon

Adult Violin Student 2021-present

“Crystal Lee is one of the most amazing violin teachers out there. I’ve been playing violin for a month and a half, working with Crystal for a month of it, and I’ve come farther than I would’ve ever imagined by this point. I would’ve expected it to take months to get to where I am now, but Crystal just knows how to teach properly while also inspiring others with her incredible sound.

She’s the perfect mix for a teacher–strict, serious, friendly, and funny all in one. Crystal is more than willing to accommodate time restraints and reschedule when necessary, she’s willing to make lesson plans that suit what your goals/needs are and is patient while also stressing the items that are extremely important. She doesn’t spend all her time scolding you though, Crystal will regularly applaud you when you’ve made progress or you sound excellent.

Overall, one of the best teachers I could imagine, I never imagined a private teacher making such a difference until I encountered her.”

– Nicolette

Piano Students, 2018-present

Crystal has done an excellent job teaching my boys.  They are sometimes a handful and she has done an excellent job being able to focus them to learn piano.  Her flexibility and willingness to deal with their learning quirks demonstrates not only her teaching skills, but also her patience and dedication.  They now can play and are proud of their accomplishments.  She encourages them each lesson and they want to  learn even if they are not great at practicing.  Her optimism and professionalism has kept them learning through the quarantine and I am grateful for her acceptance and willingness to pivot and use alternative methods for the benefit of her students.

– Ginger

Piano student, 2019-present

Crystal is very invested in her students , my son has been taking lessons both in-person and virtually and he really enjoys learning the piano. Crystal is very talented and is such a patient teacher . 

-Zelia R

Adult Violin Student, 2019-present

I have been a violin student of Crystals for a year and a half. She is kind and patient but firm. Crystal was able to face the adversity of these times and continue to teach music.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have Crystal teach me how to play the violin.

– Crystal

Violin Student, 2018-present

My daughter Kohana has been a violin student of Crystal for three years now, and her skills are progressing well.  Crystal is a very professional and encouraging for young musicians.  Within a year Kohana was playing in front of an audience at the age of five. Her teaching skills are exemplary. Proud Dad!

– Kohana & Steve

Virtual Violin Student, 2020-present

My daughter has just begun her violin lessons with Crystal and is enjoying them so far despite having to learn virtually during a pandemic, which provides its own challenges for someone just learning. Along with the technical aspects of violin, Crystal customizes the music and lessons to my daughter’s skill level while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. She is exceedingly patient, encourages her and coaxes the very best effort from her students. I would highly recommend Crystal.


Former Piano student, 2014-2016

Crystal is a wonderful and talented instructor. She is very patient, kind and passionate about the music she is teaching. Her teaching progresses methodically through music theory and fundamentals to provide a strong foundation for her students. Due to the one-on-one nature of her lessons, she is able to tailor each session to the needs of her students. I highly recommend Crystal as a music teacher for any adult or child who wants to learn piano.


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